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A Grotto is a group of regional cavers- here's what we do:

The Southern Colorado Mountain Grotto is a group of people brought together through their interest and love for caves, speleology, bats and anything related.  One major goal for us, is to shed a light on the delicate and relatively unknown world of caves and bats. We love new cavers to join and we love to take groups (boy scout, girl scout, church, school, etc...) caving and share the beautiful mysteries of caves. 


Few realize, the delicate and fragile ecosystem that a cave protects. Therefore it is essential for a prospective caver to learn what it takes to respect this environment.

Through the Grotto, we will take you caving, in a comfortable manner, that you need not fear. You can participate in cave exploration and expeditions, cave research and survey, cave conservation, bat conservation, and anything related to caves. 

We are a non-profit group and encourage new members considering becoming a caver. If you want to become a member of the grotto,  our yearly membership fee is only $10. But you don't have to be a member to come to the meetings :-)